I am a Business Technology Management student at the Ted Rogers School of Management, pursuing a career in Digital Consulting. Having a digital DNA and an unnatural obsession for design, I strive for creative ideas and innovative solutions. As a co-op student, I completed my first work term in Marketing at Manulife Real Estate, and I am now on my second term in Consulting at Deloitte Digital.

Prior to starting my undergraduate studies, I successfully launched a full service marketing studio while still in high school, completing over 80 projects for small business clients including financial service and real estate companies.

On completing high school, I decided to lead my experiences into the field of real estate, and successfully obtained a real estate salesperson and broker license. I aspire to innovate the way residential real estate is traded in Canada by combining design, technology, and data to create a world-class experience for home buyers and sellers alike.

I have a passion for all things digital - from data analytics and social media, to virtual reality and drones. Besides all the tech, I enjoy doing parkour and playing soccer.

I'm always looking for ways to be involved in projects, so if you've got something in mind, let's talk!

Check out some of my past work.