abdullah memon

I'm a Toronto-based product designer and strategist, taking products from zero to one.

Currently, I'm the founding designer at marble API, helping health & wellness apps access their users health data.

Mobile interface mockup of marble's welcome screen asking users to grant access to their health data.

Previously, I was a product designer at purefacts, enabling wealth advisors to see a 360° view into their client's portfolios.

Mobile and laptop mockup of Purefacts advisor reporting tool.

Beyond that, I've designed brands and products with small businesses, as well as some of the largest companies in Canada.

This variety has helped me expand my skills and interests as a product generalist, experimenting in everything from brand and product management to research and front-end development.

Outside of the fun I have designing, I enjoy sports, cooking, training for a marathon, and dreaming of building my own home one day.

If you'd like to learn more about me or my work, hit me up! 👋